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Please allow Dewa Phuket to introduce you to Chef Danai, who is our Executive Chef.

Khun Danai is a Thai national and was born in Ubon, but spent most of his adult life on Phuket Island. Following a long and succesfull career as Executive Chef with various international companies like Marriott, Millenium and Hitlon, who in turn gave Khun Danai exposure in Japan, Bulgaria and Sri Lanka, he has now returned home to Dewa. Danai was previously Executive Chef for the same group, back in the years, namely at the Jiva Resort & Spa. When with Jiva he also gained exposure to the Scandinavian kitchen at Klitterhus in Sweden.

Danai has furthermore been awarded multiple medals all over Thailand, for his expert approach and creations of Thai culinary delights.

Khun Danai is an extremely diverse Chef who likes to incorporate the Thai kitchen into various other cooking styles and therefor adding to the wonderful spectrum of the Thai flavour.

At the Dewa Cooking School, Khun Danai and his team will offer a wealth of knowledge to all attendees or Dewa trained Thai cooks to be, whether novice or professional. The concept at the Dewa Cooking School is to share the traditional Thai recipes, as they are known. If you are courageous and want to wonder away from our menu and go on a discovery tour by trying something you always dream of and never learned from the Thai kitchen, just have a chat with Danai or one of his team members, when making a booking.

At this moment in time, we are doing short sessions of 2 hours, either morning or afternoon.

Let the cooking begin !


Phuket Cooking Exploration

Cook your own food with our resort chef. The work is about a 2 hour (11:00-13:00 or 16:00-18:00) program for 1-4 Person and the enjoyment thereafter while eating your newly cooked lunch or dinner should be about 1 hour. Have fun !

Advance reservations required, one day in advance for this experience in Southern Thai Cuisine

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Menu A-1170฿

NAM PRIG GOONG SEAB น้ำพริกกุ้งเสียบ  

Spicy dry shrimp with chili powder

GAENG SOM PLA แกงส้มปลา  

Southern yellow curry soup with red snapper fillet and vegetables

MOO HONG หมูฮ้อง   

Pork belly stew in garlic, coriander root and brown sauce

PLA THOD KA-MIN ปลาทอดขมิ้น    

Deep fried snapper fillet with a turmeric flavor served with a spicy seafood sauce

KAO YAM ข้าวยำ 

Boiled rice mixed in a budu sauce and condiments

Menu B-1170฿

KANOM JEE ขนมจีนภูเก็ต

Rice noodle curry sauce

HOR MOK PLA ห่อหมก

Steamed fish curry in banana leaf

GOONG PHAD SATAW กุ้งผัดเผ็ดสะตอหรือกะปิ   

Wok fried white shrimp with southern nut along with a choice either spicy red curry sauce or with mild shrimp paste sauce

KUA KLING คั่วกลิ้งเนื้อหรือไก่    

A choice of slow stir-fried minced beef or chicken with dried chillies and herbs accompanied with fresh vegetables


Phuket fried rice with seafood and pineapple

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